Machinery and Systems for the Architectural,
Woodworking, & Composite Panel Industries
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    Warranty-backed used industrial machinery & equipment for woodworking, metalworking, & composites     Contact Joos USA regarding our new or used machinery as well as requests for parts & repairs

Joos U.S.A. Inc  imports high-quality industrial woodworking machinery from Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.   We are dedicated to supplying you and your business with whatever is necessary to fulfill your woodworking needs.

Joos: High-quality industrial hot presses for veneer and solid surface industries  Joos Hot Presses
Elkom:  Presses and heating/cooling systems for plastics, thermoplastics, & solid surface industries  Elkom Platens, Preheating Ovens, & Vacuum Presses
Casati: Custom veneer stitchers for the mass production of veneer panels  Casati Veneer Stitchers
Ayen: Line boring/drilling machines and dowel inserters designed for customized woodworking  Ayen Boring Machines & Dowel Inserters
Osama:  Glue spreaders and hot melt spreaders designed for industrial glue application  Osama Glue Spreaders & Knife-Roller Tables
Langzauner: Industrial saws, sanders,  Langzauner Veneer Saws & Guillotines
Tool-Temp: Temperature control units and water/oil chillers for process heating and cooling  Tool-Temp Chillers & Temperature Control Units
Fisher   Ruckle: Veneer guillotines, jointers, and splicers for production of decorative veneers  Fisher + Rückle Veneer Splicers, Guillotines, & Jointers

Elkom North America, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of high-tech aluminum heating and cooling platen systems.   We also develop custom machines and products to be used in all industrial sectors including the woodworking, plastic, aerospace, automotive, and solid surface industries.

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