Machinery and Systems for the Architectural,
Woodworking, & Composite Panel Industries

Joos-Quality-Presses prove themselves through their innovative techniques. They provide the highest quality down to the smallest detail.
Joos - "The Details Make the Difference!"



80 Tons 4 daylights for pre preg adhesives in the boat industry

180 Tons 6 openings oil heating for metal honeycomb

3300 Ton 6 Opening Special application

350 Ton 6 daylights with Heating & Cooling for Aerospace Industry

600 Ton 5x12 High temperature 5 daylights for Aerospace panels

500 Ton 6 Opening Oil heating for defense industry

420 Ton 7 Openings Water Heating

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      JOOS MULTIDAYLIGHT PRESSES come in all sizes and varietys based on customers particular application. Please contact us directly with  your requirements and we will build a machine to your specifications

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