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SUBLIMATION-Machines and Equipment for professional sublimation applications

Sublimation is not only state of the art but also a trendy future strategy to fascinate customers with individualised products. Whether it is Solid Surafce, Acrylic Glass, Composites, Ceramics or Fabrics, we do have the technology that really meets your needs. Professional machines with individual features, robust and reliable, precise and practical. Any dimension is feasible. Best reputation from top-customers all over the world.

Pictures show a sublimation-machine with 2600 x 1300 mm working area. Electronic controlled and supervised vacuum-system, electronic controlled and supervised heating platen and cooling system, automatic-program for any heating-cooling ramp, stepless temperature application from 20? C up to 200?C.?

sublimation?? sublimation


The ELKOM VAKUTHERM-Membrane press has been developed to meet the requirements of the customer. It is an economical, easy to use multi-purpose machine for bending of solid surface, acrylics, thermoplastics and forming any pliable material. The machine comes with the patented ELKOM-?KOTHERM-heating cooling platen with integrated high-performance vacuum suction system as a standard. Each machine has exclusive technical solutions which you would not even find in others:?

Bilder auf Corianplatte sublimiert????????? Bilder auf Corianplatte sublimiert

Graphics sublimated onto??????????????Pictures sublimated onto a Coriansheet?
plain acrylic sheets

ELKOM sublimation machines are always heavy duty industrial machines made of steel-extrusions in a tension-free design to guarantee flatness for many years. Since the maximum temperature can go up to 230?C, high-performance industrial heating-cooling systems are used.
Lower temperature applications up to 180?C are made with the patented ELKOM-heating-cooling combination system which is based on a combination of ?kotherm and electrical heating. Alternatively we have our sophisticated Aluminium-Chamber-platen system which is absolutely unique and has proven it's efficiency in many applications for high-temperature use. This comes with thermooil-heating-cooling equipment.

All functions such as electronic temperature-control, electronic vacuum-control, electronic time-control and automatic ramps are standard. Customised solutions in any dimension and with technical modifications available upon demand.

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