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                                                 CLICK HERE FOR SV4/ 250-350 LITERATURE IN PDF FORMAT

1) The rollers of the SV4 have a very strong panel drawing power, as two geared motors act directly on them. They have a special patented device, which stops them automatically if they come into contact with a body not connected with the working process. It follows therefore the highest physical safety for the operator.
2) For safety purposes the cleaning system has been also patented and so washing can be performed with geared motors off.
3) The system used for a perfect adhesion of the glue between the spreading roller and the dosing one has been also patented.
These and other advantages, which you can notice during machine test, make the SV4 safe, practical, perfect and long-lived

The machine is available in versions 250 & 350 with either 10 inch diameter spreading rollers or massive 14 inch diameter rollers

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