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///[ Product Range: 3 kW - 150 kW heating capacity ]///



TT-168 E/PHE

Special temperature control unit with extremely high cooling capacity and electronic flow control
Operational use: For temperatures from 20 - 50°C / 90°C.
Technical data:
Heating capacity: 12 kW or 18 kW
Cooling capacity: Standard heat exchanger: 50 kW at 90°C
Plate heat exchanger: 130 kW at 90°C
Pump capacity: Motor 0,75 kW, max. 4,5 bar / max. 75 l/min
Dimensions: Length: 980 x Width: 365 x Height: 750 mm, incl. castors
Gewicht: approx. 90 kg
Special features:
Digital flow indication: Indication of flow rate in litres and gallons and control of the minimum flow. As soon as the flow falls below a minimum, the alarm is activated.
Heat exchanger: The unit is equipped with 2 different heat exchangers that can be switched on if required. The standard heat exchanger is used at high temperatures and the plate heat exchanger can be switched on especially at lower temperatures
Leakstopper device and mould drain: Unit can be used in pressure or vacuum mode
All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel. Pump made of bronze, Quality is equivalent to V2A.

Included Features

  • MP-888 microprocessor controller
  • Automatic temperature control that activates alarm when the actual temp deviates 5+ °C from the set temp
  • Automatic aeration / venting
  • Automatic water refill
  • Automatic mold drain
  • Switchable stages for varied heating capacities (3 kW oil operation to 9 kW water operation)
  • Highly audible alarm system
  • Leak stopper- operates in pressure or vacuum mode to allow continuous production despite leakage from mold or connections
  • Limescale-free heat exchanger
  • Corrosion-free unit.  All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze.
  • Castors
  • Safety Devices:

    - Level control provides auto dry run protection

    - Separate mechanical safety thermostat

    - Temperature limiter installed in the controller

    - Motor protection switch, transformer, insulation

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