Machinery and Systems for the Architectural,
Woodworking, & Composite Panel Industries

Ayen is known worldwide for their high-quality dowel inserters & precision drilling equipment.?? Ayen's philosophy of quality, precision, and efficiency is evident as each machine will last a lifetime.


?? ? ?Ayen's ECO-21 features a 21-spindle gearbox & Ayen's unique open-sided design. This revolutionary system allows you to use the massive fences on the front or sides of the machine, thus making it an excellent line and dowel boring combination and allowing you to do projects that are impossible to drill on any competitive machine. With the open-sided design and Ayen's unique system of mounting the fences in either doweling or line position, the change over between line, frame, and dowel drilling is easily accomplished. Solid wood projects like exterior raised and stile doors can be doweled with absolute accuracy, and it's made all the more easy due to the ECO-21's ability to support long parts with Ayen's heavy fence support casting.

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