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?? ? ?For many years, Elkom electrical heating bars have been an indespensable aid for thousands of companies in the plastics and woodworking fields. ? The well-proven, rugged Elkom heating bars offer reliable technology at a favorable price, whether used in frame or edge presses; or manually as an edge bending aid, an assembly aid, or for temperature control of wood and plastic edges.

  • Jolt & impact resistant slide-in heating system with heating conductors embedded in air-tight silicone. (We do not use wound heating wires because of their high risk of failure.)

  • No wear or corrosion, and total operational reliability, even in continuous operations that create heavy impacts and vibrations.

  • Accurate temperature adjustment via integrated controllers & an insulated adjustment knob

  • Permanently connected industrial cable with no susceptible plug-in connections.

  • High-strength special aluminum section for high load capacity and flat pressing areas on all sides

  • Gold anodized finish comes standard. Scratch and wear resistant, easy to clean.

  • Simple replacement of all components by plug-in contacts and easy slide-in system.

heating bar connector

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range 0? C - 200? C
Compressive Strength 20kp per qcm
Voltage 230vac Single Phase
Heating Time 4 -5 minutes
Functioning Sides all

Available Types & Sizes

Type Length Width Power (watts)
EST. 6 ?23" 2.5" 250
EST. 11 ?43" 2.5" 500
EST. 16 ?63" 2.5" 750
EST. 21 ?82" 2.5" 1000
EST. 26 ?102" 2.5" 1250
EST. 31 ?122" 2.5" 1500
EST. 36 ?141" 2.5" 1750
EST. 41 ?161" 2.5" 2000

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