Machinery and Systems for the Architectural,
Woodworking, & Composite Panel Industries

Langzauner LTD. was established in 1924 and since that time has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of woodworking machines. Due to constant investments in the fields of technology and construction, the company developed into a modern, purposeful production factory. In addition to the standard machines, we manufacture special machines produced for the different technical areas. The long standing faith of our traders and customers is proof of Langzuaner's high-quality and good cooperation.


?? ? ?The Langzauner LZ 5/2E is a saw and jointing combination for the high quality cutting requirements of the commercial woodworker. This machine provides clean joint, splinter-free cutting of veneers, plastics, plastic laminate panels, acrylic, various types of wood, light metals, cardboard, and other similar materials.


Cut on a Langzauner LZ 5/2E veneer saw.

The LZ 5/2E in action at the 2005 AWFS Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mechanical Details
Pneumatic lifting and lowering of each unit via a hand-valve on LM-system guide units with integrated dust-scraper. ? Horizontal guiding of both units on a hardened and ground precision shaft with integrated dust-scraper. ? Power supply chain to the units.
Format table with manual, adjustable parallel fence and insert shoes. ? Depth of stop: 500mm and pneumatic fence stop. ? Additional equipment: hinged or pneumatically liftable insert shoes and digital indication.
? Front material support table in moveable design with high-quality, abrasion-proofed, anodized surface.
? Angle Stop Ruler with Digital Indication removable, digital indication in 0.1 degree, +/- 45 degrees.
? Pneumatic hinged stop for cropping jobs on the rear format table at the angle bracket left-sided mounted-hinged with a pneumatic valve. ?Adjustable area: 10mm - with guide bar, measuring tape, lens, and clamping lever. ?Maximum depth: 850mm.
? Double Horizontal Guiding. Horizontal guiding of both units on two hardened and ground precision shafts via ball bushings.
? ?Hinged insert shoes for cutting depth of 800mm.

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