Machinery and Systems for the Architectural,
Woodworking, & Composite Panel Industries

Langzauner LTD. was established in 1924 and since that time has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of woodworking machines. Due to constant investments in the fields of technology and construction, the company developed into a modern, purposeful production factory. In addition to the standard machines, we manufacture special machines produced for the different technical areas. The long standing faith of our traders and customers is proof of Langzuaner's high-quality and good cooperation.


?? ? ?Langzauner's new edge sanding machine for machining of veneer edges, hardwood, and roundings.?? The LZK 3-NCV is available in two different sizes which are determined by the diameter of the rubber roller.?? We have both the smaller version (65mm in diameter) and its larger counterpart (90mm in diameter.)

Standard Equipment

  • Universal compact design with electro motor oscillation of the belt
  • Electro motor tiltable sanding head (1-45 degrees) with digital indication 1/100 degree range
  • Turn up veneer edge sanding device where the sanding shoe is sunken automatically into the sanding beam
  • Patented ceramic slide belt
  • Automatic zero-point adjustment of the sanding beam for the difference between veneer & hardwood sanding
  • Removable end-stop with ruler and infinite angle adjustment
  • Ergonomic operations panel
  • Contact rolls employ a quick change system for radius sanding
  • Easy belt changing
  • Integrated feed belt system with top pressure
  • Feed system that is adjustable 2-6 mm/min. advance and return

Technical Specifications

Front Table Size 1450 mm x 350 mm
Motor Power Table 2.2 kW
Belt Speed 22 m/sec
Belt Dimension 2600 mm x 200 mm
Working Height 900 mm
Dust Extraction Diameter 140 mm

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