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Ayen is known worldwide for their high-quality dowel inserters & precision drilling equipment.?? Ayen's philosophy of quality, precision, and efficiency is evident as each machine will last a lifetime.


?? ? ?The Magnum is a great labor-saver for anyone doweling cabinets or furniture together. The Magnum is virtually jam-proof. One squeeze of the trigger injects a metered amount of glue into the interior wall of the drilled hole and then inserts the dowel to an exact depth.?The automatic cycle feeds the dowels and drops them singularly conveyed through the delivery tube to eliminate jamming. The dowel goes into the hand held gun where a hardened steel pin presses it into the hole.

Available in Two Models
  • Ayen Magnum 6/8 - standard size - (6mm or 8mm nose section)
  • Ayen Magnum 8/10 (8mm or 10mm nose section)

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