Machinery and Systems for the Architectural,
Woodworking, & Composite Panel Industries

Fisher + Rückle is the leading supplier of machines and processing lines for glued & spliced veneers. Perfect, fully closed, strong glue-joints are the result of more than 50-years experience in veneer preparation and splicing of either spliced, decorative veneers for the furniture, door, and paneling industry or for rotary-cut veneers in the plywood industry.


       The Omnimaster does just what its name suggests; it masterfully fuses veneer glue application and longitudinal splicing into one smooth process. Ideal for the furniture industry, Fisher + Rückle's Omnimaster works with short and oversized lengths and can be used to fulfill a multitude of special orders.

Mechanical Details:

  During production, the operator has all machine specifications within view. All adjustments can be made without interrupting production. The photocell controlled infeed guarantees accurate alignment of joints and easy feeding of veneer panels. The infeed rollers accurately align the veneer to the glue application roller and then transport the glued veneer to the heating section.  
The precisely adjustable gluing unit ensures perfect glue application. Quantity of glue is adjustable to the type of wood or to the speed of the machine. The upper and lower high-grade steel chain tracks are driven directly by hydraulic motors.

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