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The S4R machine stand is made from compact, torsion-free steel construction.  It comes complete with two highly abrasion-resistant fluted rubber rollers - each 210mm diameter, ensuring maximum rigidity.  The S4R's upper rubber roller is adjustable and lies suspended in spring bearings.  Adjustment of the upper glue spreading roller is made via bevel gearing.  The height adjustment for the upper roller is done using a clearly arranged scale.
The rollers are guided and adjusted by means of a 2-column guidance system.   Precisely adjusted glue application (evenly over the entire roller width) is possible by precision adjustment of the doctor rollers at the spreading rollers.   The doctor rollers turn in opposite direction to the application rollers for a very even coating of glue, necessary for most veneer applications. 

The over dimensional ball bearings of the rubber rollers are sealed against possible soiling and are splash-water protected.   Drive is effected by a system of cylindrical gears.  The rollers are driven by low-noise synchroflex toothed belts. 

The S4R Glue Spreader is equipped with multiple safety features, in compliance with the regulations of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for the Woodworking Industry.

Safety Features
  • Complete enclosure of "danger zones"
  • Upper work-piece feed safeguard in the form of a suspended flap fixed directly onto the glue spreading roller. (The safety stop is activated as soon as the flap is moved at the roller's feed point by either the work-piece or the machine operator.)
  • All limit switches are provided with safety covers that can only be removed using tools.

Included Options
  • Automatic Cleaning System complete with brushes & line hook-up for ease in clean up
  • Glue Transfer Pump (pictured below) with plumbing
  • Floor Castors for easy movement during floor cleaning
  • Adjustable Infeed Fence in front of glue spreader

      Mechanical Detail

      ACM Pump for automatic level control of glue

      Technical Specifications

      Model S4R 1600 metric standard
      Working Width 1600 mm 63"
      Application Roller Diameter 210 mm 8.2"
      Approx. Max Height Clearance 100 mm 3.9"
      Throughfeed Speed 20 m/min. 65 ft/min
      Drive Output
      (of 3-phase motor)
      1.1 kW 18
      Glue Coverage 8-120 g glue/m2 ---
      Electric 230 V, 3-phase 18

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