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The Elkom temperature controllers (type TT) ideally augment the heating or cooling platens in the ?kotherm range. Our temperature controllers have proved their worth for many years in virtually all craft and industrial production processes. They are loaded with important features such as rugged construction with a high-grade steel inner tank, wear-free and corrosion-free pumps & valves, cooling heat-exchangers, ease of handling, and problem-free operation.

We supply and install our temperature controllers/coolers as a complete solution (e.g. veneer press heating, polyurethane casting tables, cooling platen systems, combined heating & cooling systems, etc.) OR in the retrofitting of existing machines or plants (e.g. machines in the plastics & chemical industries, platen & shaping presses, polyurethane plants, etc.)

Elkom temperature controllers and coolers are manufactured in large quantities which allows us to offer short delivery times and optimal prices. Special solutions and designs are our strength.

Technical Features?

  • Inner tank made of high-grade steel, all components carrying water or oil made from corrosion-free?alloys?
  • Self-optimizing microprocessor temperature controller with digital display, accuracy +- 1?C?
  • Automatic filling and stabilization in all water temperature controllers?
  • Automatic level monitoring (of the filling) in all oil temperature controllers with early warning?
  • Leak stopper (suction operation) in the case of leakages in the consumer?
  • Clear front panel with display of all functions?
  • Heating systems with multi-stage switching (e.g. full load for rapid heating and partial load for further heating)?
  • All specified safety devices, automatic safety temperature limitation?
  • Calcification-free heat-exchanger made from high-grade steel (in combined heaters and coolers)?
  • High-temperature pumps with optimum delivery

Optional Extras

?? ? 1)??Freely programmable stored-program control systems for automatic heating & cooling processes

?? ? 2)??Special hoses and one-way or multi-way valves?

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Technical Specifications

Temperature Range (With Water) up to 150? C (pressure water system)
Temperature Range (With Heat-Carrier Oil) up to 250? C
Heating Power 3 kw - 150 kw
Cooling Power (Heating & Cooling Equip.) 18,000 kcal/h - 60,000 kcal/h
Cooling Power (Coolers) 5,000 kcal/h - 95,000 kcal/h
Pump Output 70 - 100 l/min. with pressure range up to 5 bar
Expansion Vessels installed as standard
Connections standard inside or outside thread 3/8" - 1"

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