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Quality-Membranepress VAKUTHERM

The ELKOM VAKUTHERM-Membrane press has been developed to meet the requirements of the customer. It is an economical, easy to use multi-purpose machine for bending of solid surface, acrylics, thermoplastics and forming any pliable material. The machine comes with the patented ELKOM-?KOTHERM-heating cooling platen with integrated high-performance vacuum suction system as a standard. Each machine has exclusive technical solutions which you would not even find in others:??

Bending, shaping and the manufacturing of special parts by means of vacuum presses have developed to a common application in the industry in the past decade. Thanks to our experience based on over 60.000 supplied products for the plastics- and woodworking industry, we have developed the VAKUTHERM quality machine in close partnership with our worldwide customers.The ELKOM VAKUTHERM has been supplied worldwide and is leader in the field of high performance vacuum machines. It is seen as the most advanced technique and has proven it?s reliability under tough industrial conditions.

Two examples of the incredible performance of the silicone membrane:
Left: form-pressing of thin sheets over rounded edges.

Right: bending of a solid surface sheet into an u-formed element

VAKUTHERM is not a ?cheap? solution but a high-quality machine, containing all components and features for easy handling, profitability and long term reliability
  • Thermoforming of solid surface, acrylics and thermoplastics
  • Manufacturing of composite-elements with heating/cooling technology
  • Form pressing of thin sheets, glueing, veneering
  • Auto- and aircraftindustry
  • Leather and foil manufacturing
  • Metalworks, Research and development

For Corian? and thermoplastics?

The Elkom VacuTherm Membrane Press has been developed to provide a new technology in the forming of solid surface parts such as Corian?, thermoplastics, and acrylic. ? The machine comes equipped with an Elkom ?kotherm patented heating/cooling platen in order to bring out the high temperatures of the plastic with a temperature controlled environment. ? The VacuTherm is an ideal compliment to the Elkom MikuTherm preheating contact platen oven. ?For mass production, we also offer cooling machines.

For Easy Manufacturing of Shaped Parts:
  • 1. ?Lay the material on top of the mold
  • 2. ?Close the aluminum frame
  • 3. ?Turn the vacuum on, vacuum is provided in seconds
  • 4. ?Timer gives a signal to remove the parts


Left: High volume special membrane made of one piece (no bonding lines, no joints) for big moulds and parts

Right: cooling machine resp. heating-cooling machine for cooling of solid surface parts under controlled conditions as well as for the manufacturing of composite materials

Close-Up Views

? ? ?
Gas shock absorbers allow for easy access to the table ?A combination silicon gasket/membrane quickly attaches to the aluminum to the aluminum frame Manufacturing of shaped Corian?, solid surface, or acrylic glass with the Elkom ?kotherm cooling platen to increase the cycle time Uniform vacuum is applied within seconds with the high performance vacuum system and perforated anodized platen

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